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Just a kiss

Size 61x46cm


Price 600€

Painting is one of my forms of meditation.

When I paint I am fully aware of the present moment.

I constantly want to create, I feel like I'm always discovering something new.

Sometimes I want movement and therefore work more on gestures.

Sometimes I feel a need to mix colors, or to work on a sensation, a feeling.

I can …

  • Take inspiration from a model who appeals to me with her beauty, her attitude, her gaze… and integrate her into an unexpected universe.

  • Or conversely start by working on colors or textures and see a face appear.

I work a lot on the feeling, it's like a craving for chocolate. The idea comes and never leaves me. I don't fight, don't anticipate. When it's the right time, I taste it and come back to it until I'm full. I let myself be guided by accepting what comes to me without really taking control of it.

My Leitmotif is to transform reality, to mix the figurative and the abstract.

For me the man and his environment are one, we belong to the universe and it belongs to us, so I try to create works by integrating the subject and the background. My paintings are  a Quantum representation of our universe

I always represent stillness and movement.

I would like to awaken in the spectator, these emotions, that he feels the zen and the movement, the harmony of the colors, the unity of the subject and his universe


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